Culture and Technology

A harmonious fusion by sticking with the traditions and cultural nuance of the town while incorporating the modern convenience of technology.

KANZA tea room

KANZA Tea Gallery

KANZA - Sit in a state of serenity, Feel the breeze of fresh air and listen to the sound of tea in the making. Hotel guests are welcome to visit our secluded tea room to experience the art of Japanese tea ceremony.

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Tea Ceremony Schedule
※Set schedule might change without notice.

ICT Corner

A simple yet productive business corner with a country view. Situated next to the front desk at the lobby.


Desktop Computer (Free of charge)

Installed Software:

Windows 7
Office Professional 2013

Multi Function Copier

"Pubic Print" A smart printer that's able to connect and serve for all sorts of devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Copy : B/W: 10yen/page; Color: 50yen/page
Print:B/W: 20yen/page; Color: 60yen/page
(A3 size: 100yen/page)

Bike Gallery

A collection of classical motor bikes of japan on rotation every 3 to 4 months on display.

Bike Gallery

KAWASAKI 900Super4 Z1

Year/Model: 1972
Made in Japan
Torque: 7.5kg/7500rpm Weight: 230kg

On display from Aug, 2017

Free Services

The following services listed below are free of charge.


T-Point Guests could spend t-points on accommodation charges(excl. tax), or earn t-points at 100yen per point when you spend money at the hotel


Kids stay for free each child under the age of 6 may stay and share a bed with one accompanying adult, free of charge. (Click here for details)


Ladies Ammenity DHC skin care products are available at front desk. Guests may request it at the counter during check-in.


Shuttle Bus Shuttle bus services available during 7am~10am and 4pm~6pm shifts.(Click for details)

Welcome Drink Wi-Fi・Internet Smoking Booth Luggage Storage Accept Credit Card Daily Newspaper Automated External Defibrillator

Tickets and Gift items

ハウステンボス入場引換券販売 Huis Ten Bosch Entrance Ticket

1DAY Passport for Adults and kids are available.
*Tickets purchased at hotel must be exchanged for passport at the entrance of park.

波佐見焼キリトルシリーズ Hasami Ceramic (Kiritoru Series)

The name Kiritoru in Japanese meaning "Little cut-outs/pieces of Hasami", a design concept of which is painted on the Ceramic, printed on hand towels and postcards.

さくらだより Sakura Dayori(Candy)

Come have a taste of this famous candy at our daily tea ceremony.Produced in Arita, a semi sweet candy made from a type of grass called Okoshi

塩ピーカンナッツショコラ Salty Pecan Chocolate

Made by world renown master chocolatier Kakimoto Akihiro. Flavorful salted pecan nuts covered in tasty white chocolate.

Vending Machine Cup Ramen Nagasaki Local Sake