What if I arrived late at night for check-in or would like to leave the hotel in the after hours?
Due to security reasons, the hotel front entrance will automatically lock after 11pm at night. Guest who arrive at the time may user the intercomm system by the entrance to call our front staff to unlock. Please call us if you plan to arrive more than 2 hour late from your initial booking schedule. For guests that are currently staying at the hotel, please use the room key for access.
What are the fees and charges for parking?
The hotel parking lot next to the hotel entrance is completey free for guests staying at the hotel, even for large bus sized vehicles.
Due to limited space, please call us to reserve a space for you
What are the charges for my child that accompanies me?
Children under the age of 13 may stay in the same room with parents for free (limited to 1 child per bed). However, additional towels, amenities, etc., are not provided for them. (charges may apply if needed) .
Is the hot spring facility within the hotel?
No, the hot spring facility is not within the hotel.

The hotspring facility named Hasami Onsen Yujiro, is our partner facility which is situated right across the street from our hotel (about 1 min walking distance). Most of our reservation packages includeds access to the facility. Each ticket is valid for a single entrance per night at our hotel. Extra tickets can be purchased at our front desk and hot spring carry bag and other amenities provided by the hotel.

◎「Hasami Onsen Yujiro」
【Business Hours】0:30 ~ 22:30(entrance close at 21:00)
Open everyday including weekends and holidays.
*Except for maintanence days scheduled on 2nd Tuesday of March and September.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept payment via credit card from major banks and financial institutions including;
VISA / MasterCard / JCB / Diner's / American Express / SAISON / Mitsubishi UFJ(MUFG) / Cedyna / CF/ APLUS /Rakuten KC / Model / UC / JAL / Union Pay


How many months in advance can I make reservations?
A1.Our system accepts reservations up to 6 months in advance.
What does the “×” symbol on the calendar mean? Are there rooms available on that date?
In order to prevent double booking, our system may sometimes reserve certain room when vacancy is low. Please feel free to give us a call as there might still be some rooms available.
What if I want to stay for a long period?
At the reservation pages, select or insert the number of nights you would like to stay in the corresponding fields. Depending on availability, you may reserve up to 30days of stay. Unfortunately, there may be dates in between your schedule where it is already fully booked in advance by other guests. We suggest you make such reservation with us via phone.
May I book for two or more rooms at a time?
At the reservation pages, by the “room type” section you may reserve up to 10 rooms at a time. Please remember to insert all the guests names for every room during reservation.
How do I make changes to or cancel my reservation online?
Please use the following link :Reservation ChangesThere are two types of login at this page.
For non-member guests, please use registered email address during booking or reservation number to login and make appropriate changes.
For hotel member guests, please login with ID and password to make the appropriate changes.
※Please note that your reservation info will not be displayed if you have made the reservation via the telephone。
The webpage is not showing properly, what shall I do?
Please check your browser and update if possible。Our website supports Google chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 8 and above.


What is the difference between a member or not?
Members can login to our reservation system with their IDs and password. Members can simplify the booking process as the system saves the guest info (names and address) that has been used in the past. No need to enter all the guest details every time you make a booking with us.
Are there any fees or charges for joining membership online?
No, Joining membership online is 100% free.
I forgot my login ID or password, what shall I do?
Please use the「Passport Recovery」page to retrieve your password. Enter the email address you used during registration and click the submit button. The system will send you a link to reset your members password.
Login credentials verification error has appeared on my screen and I am unable to login anymore.
For security measures, If the ID and password you entered does not match over 10 consecutive times, you account will be automatically locked. Please the following number for assistance: TEL:0956-85-8338
I want to change my online membership information.
Please use this page「Profile Update」to update your information. You will need to first login with your ID and password before any changes can be made.